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Welfare Reform Act 2012

The changes to the welfare system have been introduced by the Welfare Reform Act 2012, the main elements of which include:

  • The introduction of Universal Credit to provide a single payment that will improve incentives to work.
  • A stronger approach to reducing fraud and error with tougher penalties for the most serious offences.
  • A new ‘claimant commitment’ showing clearly what is expected of claimants while giving protection to those with the greatest needs.
  • Reforms to Disability Living Allowance, through the introduction of Personal Independence Payment to meet the needs of disabled people today.
  • Creating a fairer approach to Housing Benefit to bring stability to the market and improve incentives to work.
  • Preventing abuse of the Social Fund system by giving greater power to local authorities.
  • Reforming Employment and Support Allowance to make the benefit fairer and to ensure that help goes to those with the greatest need.
  • Changes to support a new system of child support which puts the interest of the child first.