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Deputy Lieutenants (DLs)

The Lord-Lieutenant is supported by a Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants that he or she appoints.

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant takes over when the Lord-Lieutenant is abroad, ill, or otherwise incapacitated. The Lord-Lieutenant appoints Deputy Lieutenants, the number of which appointed depends on the county's population.

Deputy Lieutenants come from all walks of life and all parts of the County and are honoured for their contribution to the Nation and/or the County.

They are the eyes and ears of the Lieutenancy in our local communities.

They advise on events potentially warranting Royal visits, on how local people can put forward others suitable for honours or for invitations to Buckingham Palace Garden Parties, and on anniversaries warranting a message from The Queen.

Orkney’s Deputy Lieutenants are:

  • Mr Graham Bevan.
  • Mr Keith Johnson.
  • Mrs Sue McArthur.
  • Mr David Oddie.
  • Mrs Doris Stout.
  • Lady Rosemary Wallace.
  • Mr Marcus Wood.

The Deputy Lieutenants can be contacted via the Clerk to the Lieutenancy.