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Consultation Diary

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This page details how the Tough Times - Tough Choices engagement has run to date. 

The Council is already implementing some 'Tough Times - Tough Choices' service changes as part of efforts to make £4m of savings in the 2010-11 financial year. You'll find current Tough Times consultations, along with other Council consultations, under the Related Links section on this page, in the menu on the left.


FEBRUARY 10 2011: Councillors agreed a £4 million savings target for the next financial year for OIC.

JANUARY 27 2011: A special Tough Times – Tough Choices leaflet was inserted into the local newspaper The Orcadian, summarising feedback from the blog and public meetings. 

JANUARY 14 2011: The public engagement closed, to enable reporting of feedback to the elected members in time for budget setting on February 1.

NOVEMBER 2010, DECEMBER 2010, JANUARY 2011: The Convener reopened a blog due to popular demand. Look for links to the Convener's Blog on the left of this page. The Convener and Chief Executive also ran a series of meetings in 20 different locations across Orkney.

OCTOBER 2010: A special Tough Times – Tough Choices mailshot was delivered to every household in Orkney in October featuring some of your feedback from the blog and outlining savings options for further discussion by the public.

AUTUMN BLOG (August/September 2010): We ran a blog in Autumn, asking for your responses to six questions posed about spending cuts. The blog closed on September 17, but you can still view responses – look for the 'Previous Blog' link on the left of this page.

Visit 'The Situation We're In' to read more about why the Council ran this consultation.

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